Pet Waste Removal, Pooper Scooper Plano TX & Surrounding Areas

Questions & Answers

What areas in North Dallas, TX do you provide pet waste removal or pooper scooper services?

Sparta Pooper Scoopers provides pet waste removal services mainly in areas such as Allen, Fairview, Frisco, McKinney, Murphy, Parker, Plano, Richardson and surrounding areas. View our service area map and zip codes by clicking here.

What are your services and rates?

We provide pet waste removal services on a weekly, bi-weekly or one time services. For more details on all our services and rates, Click Here.

Do you charge an Initial Cleaning Fee?

Normally we do not. However, If your backyard has not been cleaned from pet waste within the last 2 weeks, we do charge an additional $20 initial cleaning fee as it will require our pooper scoopers to spend an above normal time to remove all pet waste from your backyard. This will only be for the first or initial cleaning.

Can I request pooper scooper services at a specific time of the day or by appointment?

Our pet waste technicians follow a daily route schedule between the hours of 7am and 6pm on Mondays through Fridays. Our routes take into effect how many yards are being scooped, distance between each yard, the weather, traffic and other factors. Because of this, we do not take pooper scooper services based on appointments or a specified time during the day. A pet waste technician will come to your yard on the day that is scheduled and between the hours of 7am and 6pm.  

How do i request pet waste removal or pooper scooper services?

Booking pet waste removal services with Sparta Pooper Scoopers is very easy. You create your FREE online account by CLICKING HERE. When creating an account online, you must agree to Sparta Pooper Scoopers Policies and Procedures.  A credit card will be required to be on file when requesting services. You can also contact us to request services by phone at 972-850-7806.

How do you invoice and bill for pet waste removal services?

Our pooper scooper services are billed  automatically to all clients.  Invoices are charged on the day that services have been completed. If your pooper scooper service is scheduled on Thursday and completed at 2pm. Expect your invoice to be automatically charged for that day after 2pm. We also give the clients option to bill them monthly by prepaying upfront. If credit card declines, we will send you an invoice by email and by text message where you can pay the invoice and also update your card on file.  

Can i tip the pooper scooper employee that services my yard?

Yes you can. We make it easy for you the client to tip our employees by logging into your account and setting it up in your online profile. Tips can be setup on a per invoice basis on a dollar amount or percentage of invoice. Tips are not mandatory and are only optional. As you know, our employees welcome tips.

When requesting services with Sparta Pooper Scoopers, how does client know when pooper scooper services has been completed?

Once our pooper scoopers have completed services, you will receive an email and text on your phone with a link  (standard text messaging rates apply) that shows a picture of your yard with all the pet waste in a bag that was removed from your property. You can also log into your account and see the journal which has been added to your calendar on the day the service was completed.

Does Sparta Pooper Scoopers provide pet waste removal services during bad weather?

If your scheduled pet waste removal service is on a day where there is dangerous or very bad weather, we may reschedule or postpone until the following day or week. You may choose to scoop yourself during that week with no charge by SPS or you may leave the waste for SPS to collect the following week at double the weekly fee for collecting double the dog waste. 

Is Sparta Pooper Scoopers bonded and insured?

Yes. Sparta Pooper Scoopers and its employees are bonded and insured. 

Is Sparta Pooper Scoopers member of the Association of Professional Animal Association (APAWS)?

Yes. Sparta Pooper Scoopers is a proud member of aPaws.  aPaws is a trade association of professional animal waste specialists. We uphold a strict standard of what is to be expected of our members in the care and treatment of all animals.  The mission of aPaws is to increase the level of awareness in the animal waste industry, to raise the level of the public's awareness of our profession, and to create added benefits for our members. 

What are your policies and procedures? 

You can read more about our policies and procedures by logging into your account (Click Here to log in). Scroll down and click on My Account and under general, you will see Policy Agreement where you can click on view

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